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ISSUE 14 Is Out !!

By now you have received the new Issue 14, if you havent received yours please give us a call or email and we will get one in the post to you. I have to say this year's new issue has been a labour of love and we are excited to finally have it in your hands.

Thank-you to all our VIP Club Members for your continued support, each year we like to formally thank our loyal supporters like you, and we couldn’t be more grateful, your participation has allowed us to improve the existing tours and launch a few new exciting adventures. 

In summary 2018 -19 has been a big year, thank you to you all. We have completed 85 trips in this time and have experienced incredible growth in the VIP Membership, over 30% growth in registrations. As a result of this growth and the club's strength in numbers, we are gaining traction with our suppliers. No longer is your travel club viewed as a small ''ma and pa'' hobby business, but a significant player in the senior travel industry. We are now able to access better rates and terms from these premium suppliers.  As a VIP Member, you will continue to see the quality of accommodation and meal options regularly reviewed and if need be changed. Your valued reviews of each tour via the feedback forms has proved to be a valuable tool for No.8.  

As a result, several accommodation providers have lost our trade for the following year an opportunity now awaits the incumbent. 

In planning the new catalogue, the team was chartered with the task of increasing quality but not at the cost of increasing prices. I think the team has done an excellent job in this regard and I am pleased to say that the pricing in Issue 14 is either the same, reduced or where a price increase has been Incurred you will find it minimal.

I hope you enjoy the magazine and we are looking forward to sharing many   

If this is the first No.8 catalogue you take home today, we hope you find some exciting trips and new destinations to visit over the next twelve months.

What a great way to grow your circle of friends and share experiences.

Isolation or feeling lonely can be fleeting, or for some, it can be a longer-term emotion. We think the travel club can play a small part in fighting loneliness.

Through each of us promoting travel and outings, we are helping people make new connections and providing a platform to re-engage, have fun and enjoy life again.

When you share your catalogue with people, you never know what impact and a new lease of life you may give someone. 

So on behalf of Sarah and I and the No.8 Team we want to sincerely thank you for your support and look forward to sharing many more great memorable times with you in the future.

At your service

Andy Somerville


No.8 Tours- NZ Senior Travel Club

~We Make Travel Easy~