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Domestic Cancellation Insurance Included

In deciding whether to travel or not, personal circumstances need careful contemplation, and for No.8 Tours Senior Travel Club Members, they are often health-related. Cancellation is a real possibility causing a degree of anxiety. Some folks worry right up to the day they travel; others may prefer to delay or not book at all in fear of losing money if cancelling.

Recent world events have proven that Cancellation Insurance is a viable option to protect your purchase with No.8 Tours. We are happy to report that our relationship with Cover-More has grown even stronger in the last year. We have reached an agreement with Cover-More and, for your convenience, incorporated the Cancellation Insurance on all our overnight tours of 3 days and over. This has enabled us to make insurance even more affordable in a period of time when insurance premiums are fast rising. On top of that, we will continue to lodge your claims on your behalf to avoid the added stress this process can bear. Here are actual examples of the reason’s claims were made and paid in full by Cover-More over the last 12 months.

  • One lady claimed for becoming ill on departure day. She could not travel due to a flu virus. She claimed in full!

  • Two ladies twin sharing had to cancel due to one of them suffering a family bereavement. She claimed in full!

  • A couple had to cancel due to a minor car accident. They claimed in full!

  • A lady had to cancel due to an unforeseen house repair expense. She claimed in full!

Please note that as the insurance is included in the pricing, there is no obligation to take it; you can elect to exclude this component and have your own independent insurance or not have one at all. Let us know at the time of booking, and we will credit the respective amount.

Please note that insuring your pre-existing medical conditions on domestic travel insurance is a real possibility and might be more affordable than you think. It would prevent your claim from being declined in case you had a relapse.

In NZ in case of accident Acc and the public system will take care of the bills in most cases, but only Cancellation Insurance will help you protect your travel costs if you cannot travel.

Furthermore, if you have any concerns around Covid-19, our domestic policy’s also have a wide range of benefits covering this. Please feel free to contact us directly for further details.

Terms and conditions:

Cover-More T&C *We will not pay more than $10,000 per policy. Conditions, limits and exclusions apply. Insurance administered by Cover-More (NZ) Ltd, underwritten and issued by Zurich Australian Insurance Limited (ZAIL incorporated in Australia), ABN 13 000 296 640, trading as Zurich New Zealand. Consider the Policy Brochure and wording therein before deciding to buy this product. For further information see Zurich New Zealand’s financial strength rating.^ You will hear from Cover-More within 10 working days from the time we receive your claim.