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Member Photos Hokianga Trip North 2019

The highlight for me was our lunch at the Duke of Marlborough in Russell. Just a wonderful place to sit and look out over the bay and teh food was great too. The side trip to Helena Bay's excellent craft shop and cafe was very good too. Fine Dining at KAURI CLIFFS got another 10/10. This kind of food and service in opulant surroundings just cant be improved on, thank you for a great experience.


Absolutely fabulous, Frans was brilliant seeing it was his first trip to the North, he did a lot of research, kind caring nothing to much trouble. Lots of Laughs and fun. Kauri Cliffs was exceptional.


It was another wonderful No.8 Tour. It never fails to surprise me how quicky each group changes from being strangers to being friends. We had lots of laughs, saw lovely countryside and I thouroughly enjoyed it all.