Here are some common questions about No8 Tours.

Yes, we do have limits this is for 23 kgs for your main suitcase and 7 kgs for your carry-on bag.

We can request special dietary requirements for the meals throughout the tour and this will be passed onto the suppliers, however we can't guarantee the suppliers can always do this.

All the rooms No8 Tours books are normally Studio Rooms with 1 large shared bed or 2 separate beds, these are booked well in advance and therefore we are limited to that size room. So, this can limit special requests as far as extra beds are concerned. We can however request the Accommodation Provider with some more specific request such as adjoining rooms.

No8 Tours does operate a daily seat rotation, however once again if all the passengers are happy with their current seating then this isn't made compulsory. This will be left up to your No8 Tours Guides discretion.

If you would like to cancel a flight that is included in the tour you can. Unfortunately, there will be a fee to do this, as we prebook all our flights well in advance. We cannot rebook an additional flight for you.

Bay of Plenty

No.8 Tours offers a Free Door to Door Service around the wider Tauranga Area, this being from Waihi Township through to TePuke. We reserve the right to use our discretion on a case by case basis for the Free pick up service outside of this region. We are more than happy to offer the Door to Door pick up service to you if you are out of this region, however there will be a small fee for this.

Other Regions (New Zealand)

You will have noticed that all the tours listed are costed and planned with the departure point of Tauranga. However don’t let this stop you. If you are a resident outside of the Bay of Plenty the process is Easy, please phone the team to book, we will then arrange to have you picked up from your residence. In some cases some additional charges may be applied depending on your specific location and what transport resource is required.

Price Reduction

In some locations and for certain tours, your residential location may result in a reduction in the cost of the tour

International Inbound Travellers

All our multi-day tours are available to you, they are listed in NZ Dollars, we can pick you up and return you to you’re accommodation. Some transfer costs may apply In addition to the listed price of the tour. Please contact us.

As a way of showing our appreciation for your custom No8 Tours provides a complimentary $15.00 travel voucher automatically every -time you take an overnight tour with us. You can redeem this voucher with us the next time you book on an overnight tour. The way it works is that you can only redeem 1 Voucher on overnight tours, this can be used when you pay your deposit or your final balance, but not on both. If you have travelled as a couple you will each receive 1 Travel voucher, that you can put toward the next overnight Tour of your choice. Please note the $15.00 voucher can only be redeemed on our overnight tours.

You can earn Airpoints with No8 Tours when we are using Air New Zealand Flights, this is for all the No8 Tours that involve flights throughout New Zealand apart from Great Barrier Island. All you need to do is get in contact with us and let us know your Airpoints Number which we can then add into our database and provide to Air New Zealand every time a flight is included in a No8 Tour.

You can use your Airpoints to pay for any Air New Zealand Flights that are part of a No.8 Tour. Please print the Airpoints Redemption Form / Enter you’re Air Points Number / Sign and post to No.8 Tours - Po Box 16114; Bethlehem 3147, Tauranga. * Please note you will require enough Airpoints to cover the cost of the whole flight. Air New Zealand can’t provide part payment of flights under their group booking rules.

This is very easy to do all you need to do is call or email No8 Tours with a request to become a member and we will get all your details. We then add you to our Database and send a catalogue out to you. There may be a situation when you have a friend who would like to travel with you and they are not a member and you are wondering if they could receive the VIP rates as well? The answer to this is yes, as you have introduced them to No8 Tours. And of course, if they would like to become a member they just do the same process.