ARKANDA - CULINARY Demonstration & Catered Lunch 

ARKANDA - CULINARY Demonstration & Catered Lunch 


Door To Door Pick Ups, All Transport, Entertainment, Morning Tea and Lunch 


Wednesday 28th August 2024                            MT/L  

A gastronomical delight awaits you today as we enjoy Arkanda Food Demonstration for a delectable journey that intertwines culinary delights and cultural exploration. Commencing at Arkanda, the day begins with morning tea and an immersive culinary demonstration, inviting participants to savour a symphony of flavours. A catered lunch further elevates the gastronomic experience. The adventure then unfolds with a guided tour of the Gallagher Academy of Performing Arts and Gallery at the University of Waikato on Knighton Road. The scenic route to the Academy adds to the enchantment, offering glimpses of the university's vibrant atmosphere. This day trip seamlessly weaves together the pleasures of culinary indulgence and cultural discovery, promising a memorable fusion of tastes and artistic exploration.




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Wed, 28th of Aug 2024

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