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DAY ONE                                         L

Join us on a journey to the tropical paradise of Rarotonga, where crystal waters, swaying palms, and warm hospitality await. Our adventure begins with a flight from Auckland to Rarotonga, whisking you away to a destination brimming with endless possibilities. Meals are included onboard the plane this sets the stage for the experiences that await you in Rarotonga. Please note, although this marks the day of departure, your flight arrives in Rarotonga on the previous day, aligning both Day 1 and Day 2 on the same day of the week. This unique timing adds an extra layer of intrigue to your adventure, creating a seamless transition from anticipation to exploration as you arrive in Rarotonga ready to embrace the magic of the Cook Islands 

DAY TWO                                         B  

Start your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel before embarking on an Island Discovery Tour with Raro Tours, revealing the unique charm of Rarotonga. Visit the Beachcomber Pearl Market for a selection of Polynesian arts, crafts, and exquisite black pearls. Wander the ancient Ara Metua, or "Road of Toi," exploring maraes and sacred sites, uncovering the importance of the coconut tree in local culture. Continue to historic sites like the Cook Islands Library & Museum and Takamoa Theological College for insights into the island's past. Admire the Garden of the Seven Canoes at Avana Passage and the volcanic Black Rock guarding the lagoon. Journey through the heart of the island, enjoying the vibrant plantations filled with tropical fruits. In the evening, experience the Muri night markets' lively atmosphere, where food trucks and stalls offer local delicacies. Arrive early to choose from the widest selection and use New Zealand Dollars or Cook Islands coins for purchases. This immersive day blends cultural insights, historical exploration, and culinary delights, offering a comprehensive taste of Rarotonga's splendour. 

DAY THREE                                    B,L,D 

Today is unrestricted, inviting you to shape your adventure and embrace the island's boundless possibilities at your leisure. Take your time to enjoy this island paradise at your own pace the choice is yours today. 

Optional : If you would like to add an activity to this day, we highly recommend the Aitutaki Day Tour. This is designed to give you the ultimate tropical island experience, filling the day with breathtaking views, gentle activities, and a relaxing atmosphere. This will be an additional cost; you can book this directly with No8 Tours when making your reservation. 

Whats Included in this tour?

  • Approx 6-hour cruise.  

  • Pick up from your accommodation in Rarotonga. 

  • Return Flight to Aitutaki (departs Rarotonga 8:00 AM / departs Aitutaki 4:40 PM, 50-minute flight in each direction) 

  • Towels and snorkelling equipment 

  • Island barbecued lunch served on board. 

  • Tea, coffee, water 

  • Entertainment by the crew (life music, cultural demonstrations) 

  • VAT tax 

DAY FOUR                                      B, D 

Please note: To ensure a smooth travel experience for all, we advise against everyone trying to board the same bus simultaneously. To avoid any inconvenience, kindly stagger your departure times. Also, remember that buses operate in both clockwise and anticlockwise directions. 

Begin your day with a delightful breakfast at your hotel, ready for a day filled with choice and exploration. Opt for a day at the resort or venture out to the Punanga Nui Market in downtown Avarua, the vibrant heart of Rarotonga. Enjoy a relaxed lunch in Avarua's laid-back atmosphere, then return to your hotel at leisure for some rest and rejuvenation. Spend your afternoon embracing island life: stroll on the beach, swim in clear waters, or relax under a palm tree with a book. As evening approaches, experience Te Vara Nui Village's Combo Extravaganza, starting with a Cultural Village Tour to learn about local history, customs, and legends. Then, enjoy an Island/Western Fusion Buffet Dinner, offering a blend of flavours and delicacies. The night continues with a Spectacular Over-Water Night Show, featuring traditional song, dance, and fire-twirling on a lagoon. After the show, meet the performers, take photos, and enjoy desserts in the serene setting. End your day with a transfer back to your accommodation, reflecting on a day immersed in the culture and cuisine of the Cook Islands. 

DAY FIVE                                        B, D 

Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, tasting the tropics and gearing up for a day filled with cultural insights. Transfer to the Arorangi Cook Islands Christian Church (CICC), the Cook Islands' oldest church, for a spiritual and cultural immersion. Experience the harmonious blend of traditional hymns and modern choir singing in a service that showcases the unique Cook Islands style. Participation is optional, but the experience is memorable. Dress codes require modesty in respect of local customs: men should wear short-sleeved shirts and women modest tops, avoiding beachwear. Post-service, enjoy light refreshments with the church's elders and pastor, a chance to engage with the community and its traditions. Afterward, return to your hotel for a relaxed lunch and spend the afternoon at your leisure, perhaps by the pool or in the ocean. Dinner at your hotel offers a culinary celebration of the Cook Islands, with fresh seafood and tropical dishes highlighting local Flavors. This day combines cultural depth with relaxation, reflecting the island's spirit.   

DAY SIX                                           B, D 

Kick off your day with a sumptuous breakfast at your hotel, ready for an adventure with Koka Lagoon Cruises in the Cook Islands. This 3.5-4-hour glass-bottom boat tour in Muri Lagoon offers a unique experience suitable for all ages, featuring senior-friendly amenities. Witness the vibrant underwater world, and if you're feeling adventurous, take part in a snorkelling tour to see giant clams and colourful fish up close. Midway, enjoy a BBQ lunch with tropical salads and fruits on Motu Koromiri, a serene island perfect for relaxation. Experience the local culture with coconut tree climbing demonstrations and lively crew performances, including ukulele play and singalongs. Spend the afternoon at your leisure, soaking in the island's tranquillity. Conclude your day with an on-site dinner at your accommodation, complemented by a cultural show, and reflect on the unforgettable memories and natural beauty of the Cook Islands. 

DAY SEVEN                                    B, D 

Begin your day on Rarotonga with the option for relaxation or adventure, followed by an evening exploring Cook Islands cuisine through a progressive dinner. Enjoy breakfast at your hotel, with the ocean breeze setting the stage for a day on this enchanting island. Whether you're soaking up the sun on the beach, hiking through rainforests, diving into the vibrant local culture, indulging in a spa treatment, or enjoying seaside café flavours, Rarotonga offers captivating experiences. In the evening, step beyond your resort to join a organised, progressive group dinner in local villages, showcasing authentic Cook Islands hospitality. Your culinary journey starts with a walk-through tropical garden and an appetizer at a local home. Next, a traditional buffet feast waits for the main course, bringing the warmth of a Cook Islands family gathering. Conclude with desserts, local fruits, and Atiu Island coffee, accompanied by the melodies of ukuleles and guitars. This dining experience highlights the spirit of the Cook Islands, blending culture, culinary arts, and the warmth of local hospitality, leaving you with lasting memories of the island's heart and soul. 

DAY EIGHT                                      B, D 

Embark on a day of tranquil beauty and culinary indulgence as you bid farewell to the Cook Islands and prepare for your journey back home. Start your day with a leisurely breakfast at your hotel, relishing the last moments of island serenity before checking out. As you gather your belongings, you'll be picked up by Raro Tours ensuring seamless transportation throughout. Your first stop is Maire Nui Gardens & Café, a hidden gem nestled amidst seven acres of magnificent tropical gardens. Embark on a guided tour, immersing yourself in the lush greenery and captivating views of the surrounding mountains. Afterwards, indulge in a sumptuous lunch at the café, where fresh tropical flavours infused with Asiatic influences await, creating a truly unforgettable dining experience. As you bid farewell to Maire Nui, shuttle back to the airport with Raro Tours, where your journey continues with a flight to Auckland. Please note, that although your flight arrives in Auckland the following day, dinner will be served onboard as you travel back to New Zealand. With anticipation for the adventures that await back home, embark on your journey with a heart full of memories and a spirit reinvigorated by the beauty of the Cook Islands. 



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Please be aware that this trip requires a moderate level of fitness, and there will be days where a certain level of independence is necessary.
This trip will require current passport and Travel Insurance covering pre-existing medical conditions ask No.8 for a quote.

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