May Mystery Tour 2025


Door to Door Pickup, Transport, Tour, Morning Tea and Lunch  


Wednesday 21st May                   MT, L

Let’s begin our day wrapped in mystery, we'll enjoy a morning tea at an aromatic cafe with delicious ,sensational treats in a town where small furry feet folk dwell. Close by you'll step into an enigma where machinery hums secrets of innovation and the pinnacles reveal. From here we'll continue onto a sanctuary where tranquillity intertwines with rejuvenation a spacious, rural oasis of a luxury resort location offering an escape to re-set and refocus on healthier habits. We'll engage in a guided exploration of the sprawling property, where every step is a dance with discovery. Whilst here a yummy catered lunch will be enjoyed, harmonizing with the serenity that envelops this hidden haven and unveils the stories woven into the fabric of the day. After we have been amazed at what is in our backyards, we'll meander our way back ready to share our new experience with friends and family. 


Ex -Tauranga, Bay of Plenty.


1 Days

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Wed, 21st of May 2025

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