February Mystery Trip 2025


Door to Door Pickup, Transport, Tour, Morning Tea and Lunch.


Tuesday 11th February             MT, L

Begin your journey from Tauranga, meandering through a road of bygone times towards a quaint spot, where morning tea unfolds amidst the embrace of enchanting gardens. Keep your senses keen as the path leads you to, a place to acquire nature's treasures for those with a taste for the sublime. Continue along the mysterious trail to an undisclosed venue, a concealed gem ready to share its narrative. The climax arrives with a curated feast, a symphony of flavours echoing the surroundings. On arrival, guests are encouraged to explore tranquil gardens or find solace within the walls of a mysterious hall. The feast materializes within 10-20 minutes, synchronizing with the unhurried pace of those enraptured by the secrets within. As the banquet concludes, a spellbinding discourse unveils the mysteries of this clandestine hall, weaving historical tales into its very fabric. Join this winding quest, where the hidden road unveils the allure and intrigue of each undisclosed destination.



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1 Days

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Tue, 11th of Feb 2025

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Moderate Fitness Required

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